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Pack-Leader-1182UPolled Pack Leader 1182U- NPM- 561456- Red Polled- a multi trait leading sire, Pack has been #1 for yearling weight, stayability, and total maternal. He has been a trait leader for every measured trait except birth weight. His genetics have been utilized in many countries such as Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and the U.S. He has sired many sons that went on to greatness, and many daughters that achieved trait leader status. Semen is available from Bullis Creek.
CRSL Heartland 0210K- NPM- 1596467-Black Homo Polled- Sired by Guardian out of Wulf’s Ember who is a Bullis Creek Red Angus Limousin Border Collies and Cabin Rentalfull sister to Quarterback and is the dam of Wulf’s Gage. Here is a super calving ease sire that doesn’t give up any growth. His progeny’s average birth ratio is 3 % below average but his average weaning and yearling ratio’s are 101 and 104 respectively. Heartland was the high selling bull at the 2001 Nebraska Cattleman’s Classic in Kearney, NE. His progeny have super dispositions and his sons were high selling sire group in last year’s sale. Semen available from Bullis Creek or Origens at (866) 8origen.
Bullis Creek Red Angus Limousin Border Collies and Cabin RentalELOR SURESHOT GLORY 666L — NPM- 1634648- Black Polled — “Sureshot” was the high selling bull in Erling Olsen’s Grand Finale Bull Sale in 2002. He is double bred back to Harvest Olympus. Sureshot’s performance stats are impeccable. He had a wean ratio of 109, yearling ratio of 106, WDA of 3.16, ADJ scrotal of 35.6 and his carcass data was top notch as well. He had a 14.5 square inch ribeye that ratio’d 105 and a IMF score of 2.75 with a ratio of 104 and .18″ back fat scan. Sureshot’s calves are moderate a birth with tremendous growth. They are uniformly thick topped with a heavy muscle pattern. His 1st progeny to sell was a steer calf that sold as a club calf in the Heartland Royale sale, topping that event at $3000. Semen is available by contact Bullis Creek Ranch.

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Bullis Creek Red Angus Limousin Border Collies and Cabin Rental
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Bullis Creek Red Angus Limousin Border Collies and Cabin Rental
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